NEWS ALERT:  Board of Supervisors Hearing on December 6, 2016 at 2:00 pm regarding the Adoption of the Major Update to the Capital Improvement Program (CIP)/Traffic Impact Mitigation (TIM) Fee Program and Environmental Impact Report. For more information, click here.

OUR CURRENT GOAL:  Challenge the proposed 2015 changes to TOWN CENTER WEST!

Since 1995, the developer of Town Center West has described El Dorado Hills as "A Town with a Plan." The original approved plan for the Town Center area of El Dorado Hills shows that garden offices and other business uses were planned to be built along the shared boundary line between Town Center West and adjacent residential neighborhoods, which were to serve as buffers for the impacts to the residential areas.  Now the same developer is attempting to change the land uses along the boundary line from garden offices to whatever retail commercial use he wants, increasing our traffic and noise and destroying our privacy!  And...

  • The developer wants it done without notice to neighbors through administrative-level review by Planning Director;
  • The developer claims that there are no impacts to us; and
  • The developer claims the traffic impacts do not violate Measure Y!

To view the new 2015 TCW proposal, click here.

PROJECT STATUS:  Application deemed incomplete in March 2015, due to lack of detailed plans, among other things.  To date, no detailed plans have been submitted by the applicant.

Get Involved Now!  There are many ways you can help - please visit our What You Can Do page.  For more information regarding this and other projects that may affect you as residents of El Dorado Hills, click here.

MISSION STATEMENT: is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of educating and disseminating accurate information to the community regarding proposed commercial developments located adjacent to existing residential neighborhoods throughout El Dorado Hills. Our intent is to foster smart growth and intelligent development…to Preserve El Dorado Hills!